Baby/toddler facilities in your part of the world!

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Baby/toddler facilities in your part of the world!

Post  kat on Mon Aug 25, 2008 4:52 am

Well this might not be helpful for anyone, but I thought it might be interesting to share what kind of facilities/activities are available in your part of the world. Actually since a lot of us live in major cities it might end up being useful for the travellers among us.

So Tokyo...of course this won't be comprehensive but just a general idea of what is available.

When Jake was really tiny and I wanted to meet up with my mama tomos (Japanese for mama friends) - we exclusively went to Japanese department stores or parks. If you are stuck and need changing facilities, a nursing room, wipes, diapers/nappies, a place to put your baby down, etc, then department stores are a good choice. Most of them have a kids floor and have exclusive changing/feeding areas. Not all have padded play areas but some do.

Tokyo also has quite a lot of jidokan (childrens hall) - that are run by cities or wards or prefecture. They are mostly free if you live in the area but you may have to pay a nominal fee if you are visiting from somewhere. These places usually cater to kids right up until primary school age and are very well-equipped with a ton of activities and toys and it's a great place to meet other parents.

Here are some examples:

The Tokyo Metropolitan Children's Hall in Shibuya

0123 in Kichijoji

* Parks are always a good options for babies/kids - but I'm sure that's true all around the world.

* Also if you find yourself stuck and you need to feed your baby or a quiet place to change your baby in Tokyo, then another idea is to rent a karaoke box. I know that some local mothers do it here with there friends. It's super cheap in the daytime and you don't need to use the karaoke machine and they also deliver food and drinks to the room!!!

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