When to switch from bottle to sippy cup...or straight to normal cup??

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When to switch from bottle to sippy cup...or straight to normal cup??

Post  kat on Tue Aug 26, 2008 10:19 pm

Hi there mamas,

I've been reading and it seems that some kids can drink from a normal cup by about one. We actually haven't been practicing that too much yet (J is 10 months). He drinks from my cup when we are out but hasn't been holding it himself.

anyways, he mainly drinks water or some very watered down juice from a sippy cup with a straw mostly. He doesn't use the tip ones as much.

So while I'm at work he still gets two bottles of my breastmilk everyday, but I was wondering when do you drop the bottle and switch to the sippy cup for milk?? Personally I don't see us putting my breastmilk in a cup for him to drop all over the place since it's like liquid gold!!

any thoughts or experiences would be much appreciated!!

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Re: When to switch from bottle to sippy cup...or straight to normal cup??

Post  studiotamar on Wed Aug 27, 2008 7:18 am

It took Noodle about a month (starting at about 10.5 months) to learn how to use the "beginner" spouted sippy cup. And he hated bottles from the beginning! (Long story, but it all worked out okay, even at daycare.) To start, I got a soft-spouted kind that is marked for 6m+ (the Avent "Magic Cup" which is now made without BPA in the plastic) and a harder-spouted one (the simplest one by Playtex, it's called the "Sipster" maybe??). At first, neither of them were a success, and he really preferred for us to hold up a regular cup for him. But it is so hard to hold it just right, the poor guy kept getting too much water all at once. So my mom came up with the brilliant idea of pulling the valve out of the hard-spouted cup - although the liquid spills out all over the place that way, Noodle was able to get the idea of using the cup to drink water. We'd keep giving him the soft-spouted one WITH the valve and just this week he got it. Now he can hold it up himself and really drink.

I think the recommendation to drop the bottle really has to do with pediatricians worrying over the sucking-to-sleep association. (Anyone know?) Since we're going to keep nursing for a while (I hope!), I wasn't too concerned about getting over to the cup for that reason. It sounds like you are doing great! I wouldn't worry!

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